Banca de DEFESA: Carla Geralda Leite Moreira

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STUDENT : Carla Geralda Leite Moreira
DATE: 09/12/2020
TIME: 16:00
LOCAL: CEFET-MG (remotamente)

COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTION OF DIGITAL TEXTS: A high school study in light of the concept of multiliteracies


TDICs. Collaborative writing. Multi-tools.

PAGES: 108
BIG AREA: Lingüística, Letras e Artes
AREA: Letras

Education mediated by Digital Information and Communication Technologies (TDICs) can generate several doubts in contemporary society. In a general way, some school institutions do not have a pedagogical plan that intendsthe effective use of TDICs in school subjects. It is known that the use of digital technologies in activities that do not have a real purpose may not meet the expectations of the teacher and the student. Thus, it is very important that the teacher, before proposing any task intermediated by TDICs, consider the context of the school and, mainly, the profile of the students. Therefore, this thesis presents an investigation on the practice of collaborative writing, through the Google Docs digital environment.The hypothesis that guided this study is based on the idea that the interaction of students with other people, when associated with different reading and writing practices, can contribute in a positive way to the construction of a text, and also to provide the development of some (new) students' multi-tools. As for the methodology, the focus group technique was used as the main form of data collection and, in a secondary way, the questionnaire. Soon after, with the goal to observe the students' collaborative writing process, a line of analysis followed that favored the kind of collaborative process, in view of the taxonomy proposed by Posner and Baecker (1992), the collaborative resources used by students, the functionality of Google Docs and the types of editing operation, according to the approach of Fiad (1991). From the analyzes, it was possible to realize that the exercise of collaborative textual productions carried out through a digital environment can provide opportunities for interactions between the team's own students, between them and the digital tools, and also between their texts and speeches. Therefore, it is believed that collaborative tasks (when contextualized) may be able to improve students' (multi) literacies, which opens space for a reflection on the urban, cultural and semiotic multiplicity of text constitution.

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