Banca de DEFESA: Flávia Denise Pires de Magalhães

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DISCENTE : Flávia Denise Pires de Magalhães
DATA : 07/11/2018
HORA: 12:00
LOCAL: Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social

Feira de publicações independentes: uma análise da emergência desses encontros em Belo Horizonte (2010-2017) e dos eventos Faísca - Mercado Gráfico e Textura (2017-2018)


Editing; Editorial production; Independent publications fair; Faísca; Textura.

GRANDE ÁREA: Lingüística, Letras e Artes
ÁREA: Letras

The capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, is experiencing a moment of effervescence in
the quantity and variety of independent publications fairs, at least since 2010. From this
observation, we have made a theoretical revision based on the texts of Pierre Bourdieu (1996,
2004), which we use the concepts of field and capital; by Robert Darnton (1982, 2007) and
Thomas R. Adams and Nicholas Barker (1993 apud Darnton, 2007), from which we use the
concepts of modes of production of the editorial field; and Roger Chartier (1998a, 1998b),
Michel Foucault (2009), Roland Barthes (2004) and Vilém Flusser (2010), of which we
observe the historical and theoretical definitions of author and editor. We also reviewed the
literature on the term "independent" from Daniela Szpilbarg (s/d; 2012), Gustavo Sorá (2013),
Hernán López Winne and Victor Malumián (2016), Magalí Rabasa (2016), José de Souza
Muniz Jr. (2016, 2017), Alice Bicalho de Oliveira (2017). In this work, we identified the main
publications fairs that took place in Belo Horizonte from 2010 to 2017. From this survey, we
investigated the creation and maintenance of the Faísca – Mercado Gráfico e Textura and
mapped the symbolic, financial and cultural exchanges that occur in these fairs, observing a
Faísca dependency on government incentives. A questionnaire was applied in an edition of
Faísca and an edition of the Textura, both in 2017, to characterize the editors of these fairs. In
both fairs, the majority of those present consider themselves to be independent. The Faísca
has a gender distribution among its exhibitors (male, 45.2%, female, 51.6%, transvestite,
1.6%), the majority of whom are young adults (1829
years, 67.7%) and a large majority have
a level of education that includes graduation (87.1%). The exhibitor of the Textura is often a
man (61.1%) up to 44 years (83.3%) with graduation (88.9%). Finally, we made three focus
groups with exhibitors that already participated in one of the two fairs investigated. In
conclusion, these independent publishers do not identify themselves as editors, practice
creating and editing without making a clear distinction between the processes, go to fairs to
meet other publishers, and have difficulty distributing their publications.

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